As a performance coach, I want you to feel confident when it comes to your health and fitness. We’ll discuss your abilities, needs, and goals, and create a personalized plan to help you achieve them. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got a program for you!

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Training Ground Bethesda
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Julian has been my trainer for 7 months. He is very knowledgeable,  great to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about working out with a trainer.

Nurhan Korman

I’ve been training with Julian at the gym off of Cessna Ave for a few months now – he is knowledgeable, tailors workouts according to goals, and has really helped improve my form. I’d highly recommend him!

Bradley Ryan

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Contact Us
14:09 10 Feb 18
I can’t say enough good things about Julian! We definitely hit the jackpot with him and in a very short time, he’s become a great trainer, mentor and role model for my 15 year old son who has wanted to increase his strength/stamina while working on his soccer skills. Julian very quickly responded to my search for a personal trainer and was incredibly professional during our introductory call. It was evident that his knowledge of /experience with soccer as a player and coach would be a good match for my son. He also shared his philosophy about strength training with kids, specifically how he seeks to understand what motivates and is important to them, so he could then weave in his expertise which ultimately would result in a truly customized program to help accomplish their goals. He was eager to “meet” my son and scheduled some time to speak with him personally over the phone and get to know him. I was impressed at how he was able to get from a 15-year old boy, what his fitness goals were! In less than a week of my initial inquiry, my son was training in the gym with Julian and has absolutely loved every session with him. Julian maximizes every second during each workout and even encourages kids to come in early to get warmed up (so really, while you pay for a 60-minute session, you get 70-75 minutes!) My son has already noticed physical changes, but beyond that, his sense of confidence, focus, and dedication has increased tremendously. Julian provides encouragement inside and outside the gym by keeping tabs on my son and checking in on how he’s doing. Even when my son tried out for another soccer team, Julian gave him sound advice throughout the process, acted as a sounding board, and alleviated any anxiety he had. The investment you make in Julian goes far beyond strength training; you also get someone who takes a genuine interest in your well-being and wants you to be successful. He empowers you with exercises which don’t require you to be in a gym (my son did his own workouts during the winter break) and with general “life skills/lessons”. Go for a free consultation with Julian ... you’ll be hooked!
Stephanie Watkins
Stephanie Watkins
00:21 30 Dec 17
For a new small gym, this spot has the necessary equipment and adequate space to get a great workout. The trainers available are very knowledgeable with training to help you with weight loss, muscle gain, and improved athletic performance goals. Soccer players, definitely come here to train. If I lived closer I would definitely come here to train regularly. Prices are very fair. The training is worth the price. A new year is coming up, this is a great spot to get started on your fitness goals.
Gary Thomas
Gary Thomas
19:17 14 Dec 17
To put it succinctly for those that don’t want to read this whole review..... Julian, as my personal trainer, is phenomenal!  He is super knowledgeable, well trained, educated, I would say an expert about training the body to get the results you want. He has a great energy, enthusiasm, and passion for getting you in the best shape you can be!  I can't recommend him highly enough. I chose to work with Julian, personal trainer and owner of Prepare for Performance, cause he listened to what my goals were and his approach to over all strengthening fit with me. I love how he mixes up the workouts always focus on engaging my core in everything we do. I have never really exercised or been into fitness because weight was never an issue, until I hit my mid 40s. Feeling really fatigued, bad posture, headaches, gravity.... Working with Julian is so important to me because able to judge my abilities and push them just the right amount. He plans the workout so that I'm pushing my limits every session. While I whine and complain he gets me through it.  Even with all the technology, YouTube ect...these are not workouts I could do on my own.  Every session is different, challenging, and feels wholly customized so I may reach my goals. Working out with Julian may be my best decision of the year.  My posture is so much improved, I have upper body strength *for the first time in my life*, I am able to do things I would never have done before and feel great (while I am still not thrilled with how I look,there are improvements, I actually will take my shirt off and swim. god, I missed swimming!) Working out is still hard and something I would never do if it were not for Julian. He is fun, engaging, smart, and a “hard a#$” when he needs to be. If you are wanting to feel better about yourself, feel stronger, happier, and joining the gym just does not do it for you...Julian will get you into shape!!
Ashton Cane
Ashton Cane
20:51 19 Nov 17
I have been training with Julian at Prepare For Performance for 5 weeks. I have seen a difference and I plan on continuing with Julian to reach my goals. Julian is flexible and works with my schedule. He contacts me weekly, outside of our sessions, to check on my progress. Overall a solid experience. If you're looking to make a difference in your life at an affordable price this is the place!
Tiffany McKenzie
Tiffany McKenzie
19:46 15 Nov 17
Julian is great! After trying several trainers and being disappointed, I am glad I found prepare for performance. Julian not only focuses on my goals but ensures I am performing each exercise properly for optimal results and to avoid any injuries. He's sure to check on me periodically throughout the week to make sure I'm sticking to my fitness goals. Definitely look no further if you're in need of personal training.
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